Introducing a Cat and Dog


Teaching a Cat and Dog to Cohabitate

Adding a new pet to your home is an exciting. That excitement can lead to chaos in the house when introducing a new breed of animal to your home. It is easy to see where the old saying “Fighting like cats and dogs” comes from when introducing one to the other. It does not have to be that way.

When introducing your dog to your cat, or vice versa, make sure you do not force the introduction. Let your cat hide if they want and make sure the dog is restrained as it will run away the bolting cat. If you notice either pet is feeling anxious or aggravated, remove them from the room to allow them to calm down.

For more tips about pets, please come back to our page as we continue to update. Pet owners in the Green Bay area can look to  Circle Kennel Club for your kenneling needs. Contact us today at 920.429.2300



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