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Holiday Pet Boarding

Tis the season for visiting loved ones and gift giving! If you are fortunate enough to have an extended stay away from home, don’t fear for your pet!   At Circle Kennel Club, we are fully prepared to host your furry friend for the holidays! With avid play time, it will be a holiday for them as well.

Perhaps you are looking for the right gift for your furry friend.  We are proud to carry an array of accessories for your dog or cat.  We know how hectic the holiday season can be and you shouldn’t have to stress about leaving your pet at home.  We will care for your animal and make sure it is happy, healthy, and safe every step of the way.


Training Your Cat


Cat Training

If your cat is doing some things that you don’t want them too, there’s a good chance that you can train that bad behavior away. From the cat’s perspective, there is a reason, and the behavior is perfectly reasonable.

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If the cat is clawing your furniture, it’s driven by instinct to do that. It needs to claw something, it’s a survival instinct. It doesn’t have to be your furniture, but something! There’s not much chance of getting your cat to stop clawing. But you can train the cat to focus its clawing instinct on acceptable objects, like scratching posts. Train your cat to behave appropriately by using positive reinforcement, not punishment. Don’t hit the cat when it scratches the furniture. The cat won’t understand the reason for the punishment, and will just learn to fear you. Instead, reward your cat by giving it a treat when it claws scratching post.At Circle Kennel Club, we not only are a premiere dog boarding service, we board other pets too!

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Wisconsin Dog Care

On behalf of all of us at Circle Kennel Club, we would like to welcome you to our new blog! We know how much your furry friend means to you and we hope to share our enthusiasm for them as well. Conveniently located in the Green Bay and Ashwaubenon area, we pride ourselves on being a premier dog boarding facility with excellent customer service for you and your dog.
Dogs should not be confined to a small space, that’s why we aim to make your dog feel like they are on vacation. We look forward to connecting with you and sharing tips and tricks both you and your pup will love. Feel free to contact us at 920-429-2300.

Dog Boarding in Wisconsin


We all need a good vacation every now and then. Or perhaps you’re going away on business and don’t want to leave your furry canine behind. Whatever the reason you need to board your dog, he or she will be in good hands with Circle Kennel Club. We are proud to tout that we offer larger than average kennels, measuring 5×9 so your dog will not feel confined. No crates or cages are used, ever. Your dog will have a perfect view of the play area so he or she will never feel alone. As your local pet boarding facility here in Wisconsin, we feel it’s our responsibility and our pleasure to put your mind at ease. Our customers (both human and canine) love us. For directions or to contact us, just click here.